3 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Kids To Private Schools

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Are you currently trying to decide whether you should send your children to private school or public school? Here are 3 reasons why enrolling your children in private school may be more advantageous for your kids.

1. Smaller Class Sizes 

Public school classes tend to be much larger than most private school classes. If you feel that your children would really benefit from getting more 1-on-1 attention from their teachers, then private school is definitely the way to go. In fact, studies that have been conducted in Wisconsin and Tennessee show that children in smaller classes have better attendance and test scores.

Large class sizes can feel overwhelming and distracting for pretty much any student. However, this can be especially true for students that have special needs or suffer from learning disorders. These types of students are much more likely to thrive academically when they are in smaller classes where their teachers are readily available to help them. 

2. Greater Exposure To The Arts

With the budget cuts that many public schools are experiencing nowadays, arts programs often seem to be one of the first programs that tend to get cut. If having your children exposed to music and/or visual mediums is important to you, private school is truly the best option. 

Private schools usually have much larger budgets than public schools. This enables them to offer a wide variety of different classes in the arts such as film making or video production. Also, many people consider exposure to the arts to be absolutely essential as it helps ensure that children grow up to become well-rounded members of society. As an added bonus, classes in the arts tend to be really fun and enjoyable. 

3. Safer Environment 

While there have been numerous school shootings at public schools, shootings at private schools don't seem to occur nearly as often. Having your child attend private school is an excellent way to help ensure that they are in a safe environment every day. 

Unfortunately, many children these days are afraid of going to school due to the various shootings that they have heard about. Their fear can make it difficult for them to be able to really focus on their studies and do their very best. Having your children enrolled in private school is an excellent way to help them feel safe and secure. Not only would it give them peace of mind but it would also help you to feel much more relaxed and at ease. 

There's no doubt that private schools can sometimes be pretty costly. However, the excellent education that your children will receive most definitely makes it a worthwhile investment.