4 Benefits of High School Study Abroad Programs

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Many students attend the same school for their entire educational career. While this kind of routine offers its own benefits, sometimes a change is beneficial. If you want to expose your child to more of the world, a study abroad program can be just the way to do it. International high schools accept students from all around the world. Here are four benefits to sending your teenager to a high school study abroad program:

1. Keep up with schoolwork.

While a study abroad program will place your child in a new city, they will continue doing schoolwork the whole time. Education is always important. International high schools offer excellent academic programs. Your child will learn everything they could learn at a local high school, including math and language arts. You don't have to worry about your child falling behind due to a study abroad program. Many kids choose to continue their education in college after attending an international high school.

2. Learn languages through immersion.

Kids are adept at learning new languages. Children's minds are more malleable than adults' minds, which means they can pick up new languages more quickly. Immersion is one of the best ways to learn a new language. A study abroad program can place a child in an environment where they'll be surrounded by native speakers of a second language. A study abroad program in Mexico or Spain can allow a child to study Spanish. Meanwhile, a student hoping to improve their French language skills can benefit from time spent in Paris and other French-speaking nations.

3. Experience other cultures.

Empathy is an important trait in people of every age. It's important that kids realize that not everyone in the world is like them. There are people in other countries who live different lifestyles and follow different customs. A study abroad program can allow your child to experience a new culture firsthand. Personal experience can give your child the type of cultural sensitivity that is vital in a global citizen. Your child will have the chance to taste new foods and experience unique cultural events.

4. Gain newfound independence.

High schoolers are at a pivotal time in their lives. They're still children, but they are rapidly becoming adults. High school is an excellent time for kids to practice their independence, and a study abroad program can help them do so. Your child will be given appropriate adult supervision, but they will also learn to care for themselves. Independent students often have an easier time transitioning into college life because of their added confidence in being able to take care of themselves away from home. 

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